How to make covers for seat cushions

A while ago I decided to make covers for the seat cushions in our caravan. I wanted to freshen up the interior, but more importantly the covers needed to be easily removed so that I could wash them, as our toddler has a tendency to spill things (don’t they all?)

I’m a fairly lazy sewer, so I didn’t go the zippered cover option, instead opting for a fitted sheet style.

I picked this upholstery fabric that had a bit of stretch to it. I can’t remember how many metres of it I bought though.

I didn’t use a pattern as such, but started with laying the cushion on the fabric and allowing about 20cm extra around each side.

I then marked the corners on the wrong side of the fabric using a washable marker.

Pin the yellow lines together. This will be the line for sewing the seam along.

Next I measured the height of the cushion and marked this along the yellow seam line. From here I marked another line (blue) at a 45 degree angle inwards to make the fitted corners on the underside.

To strengthen the seams I sewed along the marked lines, then used my overlocker to sew in parallel to this seam and tidy up the edges.

Lastly I hemmed the straight edges. I stopped just before the corners as the fabric was starting to twist and gather which, to be honest, I wasn’t unhappy about as it pulled the cover in more tightly and meant I didn’t need to add elastic. Doesn’t look the neatest, but it’s on the bottom where no one can see, so who cares?

The finished product!